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The Six Thinking Hats course and My Thoughts.

The Six Thinking Hats are for exploring, developing and implementing ideas.

The Six Thinking Hats are used by individuals and groups to separate out conflicting styles of thinking. They enable and encourage a group of people to think constructively together in creating change, rather than using argument to fight over who is right and who is wrong.

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This service includes


  • A course on the Six Thinking Hats which is designed to make you more aware of your thinking so you can direct it more deliberately.

  • An application "My Thoughts" that structures how you apply the Six Thinking Hats to topics that you want to address. It records your thoughts so you can refer to them later and develop them further.

The course is available via our training providers for individuals and corporate customers. The trainers will provide instruction and facilitation to ensure you learn and apply the technique effectively.

It is also possible to purchase one year of access to the My Thoughts tool separately from the course. This is for people who have already completed the course and are now applying the Six Thinking Hats.

  • Recommended

    Via training partner

    You or your organisation has paid our training partner.
    Valid for one year
    • 1 year of access to the Six Thinking Hats Course and tools
    • Expert teaching, coaching and faciliation from a trainer
    • Six Thinking Hat tools to structure and record your thoughts

Six Hats Course and

My Thoughts

Via training partner

You or your organisation purchase access from one of our training partners.

1 year of access to the Six Thinking Hats Course and My Thoughts tool

Expert teaching and facilitation from a trainer.

Six Thinking Hat tools to structure and record your thoughts

Frequently asked questions

What is included in a Six Thinking Hats course and My Thoughts?

You will be taught by an experienced trainer, provided by one of our training partners.

You will learn about

  • parallel thinking and how it differs from adversarial thinking.

  • the principles of the Six Thinking Hats

  • the different styles of thinking and how to apply them

  • how to structure your thinking using sequences of hats

The course is  available in two formats, either an interactive course or an eBook of the printed course. The interactive course also includes

  • a video of Dr. de Bono explaining the principles

  • Interactive practice exercises; your computer will record your answers and prompt you

  • The My Thoughts service - a structured journal for developing your ideas using the Six Thinking Hats.

  • Printable templates for offline use

The course is available as a short or full course. The full course has additional lessons to develop your skill in the Six Thinking Hats.

There is an introductory video and explanation of the benefits.

How do I gain access via a training partner?

You can see a list of training partners - please visit the website of the one closest to you.

How long does access last and what are the payment terms?

Each login is for a single user only. Please do not share logins or copy content to share with others.

Access to the Course and My Thoughts bundle is only available via our training providers and the commercial terms are as per your agreement with them, all other terms and conditions of this website apply.

My Thoughts can also be purchased directly for one year at a time. This is a single payment made via this website. Annual subscriptions to My Thoughts can be renewed annually, but is not renewed automatically.Refunds from de Bono for My Thoughts are not available except in limited circumstances (see Terms and Conditions). If you choose not to renew you will continue to have access to your notes for one month following your subscription expiry, after which the notes will be deleted. You may export your "My Thoughts" notes via the "Email me this" feature on the My Thoughts page.

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