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Six Thinking Hats

How it works

This website hosts three services:


  • A free, anonymous assessment on your meeting effectiveness.

  • A course on the Six Thinking Hats led by a trainer in person or via video.

  • The "My Thoughts" program that structures how you apply the Six Thinking Hats to topics of your choice.

Access to the training and My Thoughts for 1 year can be purchased from our training partners. Our training partner will provide you with a pass key.

If you have the pass key then please press start. You may first be asked to sign up by creating a user name and password.

What you will learn

The Six Thinking Hats modifies behaviour without attacking it. It’s simple to learn and implement. It reduces conflict, encourages cooperation and empowers both individuals and teams. Learning the Six Thinking Hats method will change your thinking; and changing your thinking will open up new possibilities and opportunities.


The Six Thinking Hats is a framework to accomplish the following:


•   Separate out conflicting styles of thinking to improve effectiveness.

•   Provide a language to invite people to switch thinking.

•   Separate ego from performance.

•   Create an easy to follow thinking process.  

•   Explore subjects in parallel, rather than argue who is right or wrong.

•   Encourage creativity.

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